Risk Assessment: Additional Resources

Web Resources – More Information on Risk Assessment in the Environment

The “background” section in this module was developed to provide basic knowledge on the theme. In other words, important components and ideas are only highlighted and summarized. The purpose of this section is threefold: 1) provide additional sources of information in order to deliver an alternative way of looking at a theme, 2) expand the general information provided in the “background” to facilitate better training preparation, 3) offer potential training handouts or supplemental material that can also assist training participants. The brevity of the “background” section encourages the trainer to learn more outside of what is presented. The “background” section is a good jumping off point. Here are some suggested on-line resources that contain relevant information, but please feel free to research others:

Riesgos Ambientales (Spanish)  (Universidad Pedagógica Nacional)

Health Hazard Evaluations: Program Information (English) (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) 

Public Health Assessments and Health Consultations (English) (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)               

Workplace Safety and Health (English) (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)        

Los Buenos Recuerdos (Spanish) (National Fire Prevention Association)  

Overview of the Healthy Home Rating System (English) (US Department of Housing and Urban Development)  

Hunting Home Hazards (English) (Federal Emergency Management Agency)       

Hazards (English) (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)          

NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topics: Hazards to Outdoors Workers (English) (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)         

Accidentes en la Oficina, Riesgos Específicos (Spanish) (El Portal de la Seguridad, la Prevención y la Salud de Chile)                  

Workplace Safety and Health: Office Environment and Worker Safety and Health (English) (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)              

Riesgos y Prevención en la Industria Minera (Spanish) (Ing. Ricardo Haddad)      

Hazard Identification at the Mining Site (English) (Mining Safety)               

Salud Laboral de las trabajadoras de las Maquilas (Spanish) (Instituto Sindical para América Central y el Caribe)  

Proteja su Salud: Asma (Spanish) (US Environmental Protection Agency)              

Childhood Lead Prevention Program (English) (Arizona Department of Health Services) / en Español        

Recalls (English) (Consumer Product Safety Commission)