Risk Assessment: Supplemental Materials

Hazard vs. Risk Worksheet

(see Training Tools, Activity 2)

Match the hazard with the appropriate risk.

Hazard         Risk
 Visits by children to emergency rooms because of medication intoxication are twice more common than intoxication by other products found in the home (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
 Children exposed to secondhand smoke from cigarettes are more likely to visit intensive care units when they become sick with the flu compared to children who are not exposed to secondhand smoke (American Cancer Society)
 Each year more than 76 million people get sick from food poisoning (Medical Center, University of Maryland)
 Approximately 30% of burglaries the thief entered through a window or door that was not locked. (US Department of Justice)
 Approximately 450 people in the U. die each year from accidental carbon monoxide exposure from fuel-burning appliances, electrical appliance and fuel (charcoal, wood) burned in unventilated areas (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
 At an international level there are 3 million people poisoned by pesticides reported each year (World Health Organization)