Developing a Pan American Hub for Environmentally and Socially Compatible Mining

Lima, Peru

March 7, 2016

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Rapid economic development in emerging economies is causing socio-environmental conflicts in Latin America where a large fraction of the mineral commodities are mined. Rifts between affected communities, industry, and governments disrupt the steady supply of metals and will require an internationally prepared workforce and active participation of impacted regions to deliver holistic solutions that address key aspects of mining capacity, environmental impacts, and social issues. We believe the solution to these problems is to develop transdisciplinary step change solutions in an international collaboration with professionals and community members from distinct disciplines

"Developing a Pan American Hub for Environmentally and Socially Compatible Mining" was the second conference in a series of three on the theme of environmentally and socially compatible mining. The primary goal of this conference was the development of a Pan American Hub, with secondary discussions on developing a focused theme on mitigating community exposure to the toxic pollutants produced by mining operations. Conference documents, including both the agenda and formal presentations, are provided below.

Group picture of some of the participants in the conference in Lima, Peru


Click here for a PDF of the draft agenda.

List of Presentations:


Sources of Conflict

The Economy

The Industry

The Community

Policy Issues

Emerging Issues

Environmental Science & Engineering Interventions



National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) 

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Peru (Peru)

University of Arizona Superfund Research Program (USA)

Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources (USA)

Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining (USA)