Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is the “glue” that holds the many parts of our Superfund Research Program (SRP) together making the “whole” of our Program greater than the sum of the individual parts. This Core acts to facilitate the continued growth and development of our Center so that it remains responsive to NIEHS, our stakeholders, and our community. We will work to extend the scope of our Center through developmental pilot project efforts that build partnerships with other initiatives at the University, with state and federal stakeholders, with our sister SRPs, and with international efforts. These efforts begin with supervision, direction, planning, coordination, and financial accountability of the entire UA SRP and expand to the creative leveraging of our resources to engage in the partnerships that further our mission. Our continuing vision is to have a step change impact on how the mining industry, one of the largest contributors of toxic waste globally, operates with regard to human and environmental health.

Specific Aims: 

Aim 1: Planning and Coordination and Information Transfer: The Administrative Core will be the conscience and official voice and point of contact for the UA SRP. The Core will ensure the effective communication and transfer of research findings to NIEHS and other stakeholders. We will administer the budget, ensure that our researchers have access to adequate facilities, establish an external advisory board to review our Center, and assist Research Projects and other Cores with coordination, scheduling, prioritization, external requests, service contracts, and additional grant submissions.

Aim 2: Within-Center Integration: The Core will foster interdisciplinary research, translational, and educational interactions between all Projects and Cores.

Aim 3: Cross-Center Communication and Interaction: The Core will attend all Annual and Regional SRP meetings and work to develop intellectual and research links between our SRP and others.

Aim 4. Leveraging the UA SRP: The Core will actively encourage and support grant opportunities that leverage the UA SRP for all Research Projects and Cores. As part of this activity, the Core will work to help leverage and initiate pilot projects that provide the foundation for future SRP directions.

Aim 5: Technology Transfer: In conjunction with our Research Translation Core, the Administrative Core will seek and nurture opportunities to apply research findings for the benefit of the public, our stakeholders, and NIEHS.

Aim 6: Elevate Environment Health Sciences Research: Our SRP will serve as a role model for collaborative research at the University of Arizona and beyond. We will develop complementary initiatives such as the Dean Carter Binational Center, the Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining (CESM), and the International School for Mineral and Energy Resources (ISoMER).