Research Translation Core


A major divide often exists between generating cutting-edge research and putting the findings into practice. Thus, a critical part of the research process is ensuring effective translation of evidence-based information and innovative research products to stakeholders for application.


Through partnership building and transfer of information and technology, the Research Translation Core has been designed to effectively integrate and translate UA SRP findings on the impacts of hardrock mining sites and mining activities on human health and the environment. We will serve Arizona and the desert Southwest by acting as a neutral party to provide evidence-based information on arsenic, mining, and other potential hazards, and their impacts on human health and the environment.

Specific Aims: 

Aim 1: Communicating within SRP
Facilitating Investigator-initiated research translation, reporting activities to SRP staff at NIEHS, and cross-center      communication.

Aim 2: Building government partnerships and transdisciplinary teams
Continue to engage in constructive, collaborative partnerships and build upon previous experiences to cultivate additional long-term partnerships with government agencies.

Aim 3: Technology Transfer
Identifying opportunities and delineate mechanisms to transfer biomedical and environmental science and engineering technologies.

Aim 4: Information Dissemination to Other End-Users
Transferring the knowledge gained from Center’s project activities and making a broader impact.