Training Core

The overarching mission of the UA SRP is to use our research on the impacts of hardrock mining for the improvement of human health and the environment. The Training Core drives this effort through the production of interdisciplinary graduates who are equipped to address complex 21st century hazardous waste challenges associated with the mining industry and beyond. Our students are intimately involved in generating the scientific discoveries made by the UA SRP as well as presenting these discoveries to the science community and general public. Our Training Core provides intensive and extensive training opportunities but most importantly, establishes interdisciplinary collaboration and the incorporation of research translation and community engagement as the norm for student training.

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Specific Aims: 

Objective 1: To provide our Fellows access to intensive and extensive training opportunities in Environmental Sciences, Environmental Hydrology, Environmental Engineering, Public Health and Risk Assessment, and Environmental Toxicology.

Objective 2: To require Fellows to become familiar with the language and culture of multiple scientific disciplines through our Colloquium and through attendance at professional meetings representing different disciplines.

Objective 3: To require Fellows to participate in one RT or CE activity related to our Center goals.

Objective 4: To require Fellows to become familiar with best practices in the responsible conduct of research.

Objective 5: To incorporate community-engaged research concepts and experience into each Fellow’s education experience. All Fellows will be required to participate in a discussion of the definition and benefits of community-engaged research as part of our Colloquium. In addition, working with our Community Engagement Core, we will develop select community-engaged research activities that will be available for our Fellows to participate in.