$300k Technology and Research Initiative Venture Fund Award Granted to UA SBRP for University-wide Analytical Facility for Emerging Contaminants

Nov. 8, 2006

The University of Arizona Superfund Basic Research Program (UA SBRP) has received a Venture Fund Award of $300K from the Technology and Research Initiative State tax fund (TRIF) to create a University-wide analytical facility dedicated to state-of-the-art environmental analysis and training.

These funds will be used to lease instrumentation to equip the facility. The new instrumentation will allow for detailed investigations into the environmental behavior of bioactive organic contaminants and metals, including their association with other water-borne molecules and colloids. Funding will also be used for instrument-based support staff to assist multiple investigators and projects with requisite analyses. In complement to this award, Joaquin Ruiz, UA Dean of Science has provided laboratory space (1800 sq ft) that will be completely remodeled to house the facility.

The creation of a low-level emerging contaminant analytical facility will allow environmental researchers campus-wide access to instrumentation that can better assess levels of environmental contamination and exposure, and determine the fate of contaminants in ecosystems and in exposed persons.

This joint UA SBRP-TRIF effort will broaden the impact and benefits of both programs to the State of Arizona.  The new analytical facility will result in an improved understanding and ability to address the health effects and remediation of water-associated chemical contaminants found in Arizona and ultimately will improve human health and the environment.