Learning Modules (English)

Promotor Modules

These unique educational modules were developed for use by promotoras de la salud, or community health workers. The flexible nature of the modules allows them to be adapted for any audience. Individual sections are available to read online or download in PDF format. Each theme (Arsenic, Environmental Toxicology, Pesticides, and Risk Assessment) also contains a PowerPoint presentation that can be downloaded and modified to fit your audience. All contents are available in English and Spanish.


This Introduction describes how the Promotor Transferable Training Modules were developed and how they can be used.

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The Icebreakers include suggested activities to liven up the introductory portion of your training.

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This module contains background information about arsenic, how it interacts in the environment, and the effects it has on human health.

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This module contains background information about pesticides, associated health risks, and pest management alternatives.

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Environmental Toxicology

This module contains fundamental concepts of toxicology, which include dose-response, exposure routes, biological variation, and toxicity phases.

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Risk Assessment

This module contains background information on the interrelated concepts of what is a hazard and what is a risk, as well as how government agencies develop the suggestions that help safeguard our health.

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Mining and Environmental Educational Modules

The University of Arizona (UA) Superfund Research Program is developing educational modules for tribal colleges focusing on mining and its environmental and social impacts on tribal lands. These educational modules are independently packaged units of study designed to enhance the learning process. The modules have been designed to incorporate tribal case studies as well as examples of how these social and environmental impacts can be mitigated.

Copper Mining and Processing

This module describes basic information about copper, copper mining in Arizona and on tribal lands, the life cycle of a mine, and the specifics of copper processing. It includes a hands-on activity to illustrate how electrolysis is used in the processing of copper ores.

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