Announcing Arsenic and Landfills: Protecting Water Quality Workshop, October 3 - 4, 2006

Oct. 2, 2006

Together with investigators from Dartmouth College and Columbia University, University of Arizona SBRP Investigator Wendell Ela has organized the workshop titled:  Arsenic and Landfills: Protecting Water Quality in Boston, Massachusetts on October 3-4, 2006.

The workshop is a result of an on-going, collaborative effort between the US-EPA, ATSDR, NIEHS Superfund Basic Research Program and academia to evaluate the issues surrounding arsenic removal from drinking water, and the relationship between arsenic mobilization and landfills and waste sites. The workshop will address such topics as:

  • Recent advances in arsenic health studies
  • Arsenic removal and residuals management from water supplies 
  • Sources and potential impacts of an increasing burden of arsenic wastes going to landfills
  • Arsenic releases from natural sources associated with old landfill remediation
  • Current regulatory and management strategies for dealing with arsenic wastes and landfills

The workshop is specifically designed to create an interactive forum in which interested stakeholders can discuss these issues with state, regional and national experts. We believe your input is important in this discussion and encourage your participation.

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Arsenic and Landfills: Protecting Water Quality Workshop

When: October 3-4, 2006

Where: Tremont Courtyard by Marriot, Boston, Massachusetts

Further Information: Registration*, conference objectives, agenda and accommodation information may be found at
You may also click here to download the workshop announcement.

The organizers listed below would be pleased to answer questions relating to the symposium.

Wendell Ela
Chemical & Environmental Engineering
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

Larry G. Reed
NIEHS Consultant, MDB, Inc.

Larry Whitson
NIEHS Contractor, MDB, Inc.