Another Successful UA SRP/UC Davis SRP Joint Seminar in SRP-EPA Series

On April 21, 2014, two Superfund Research Program (SRP) investigators delivered complementary seminars on applications of cell-based bioanalytical methods for environmental assessment at US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 9 headquarters in San Francisco, CA. Their talks were reprised via international webinar on August 11, 2014 for more than 200 participants.

The session, “If cells could talk, what would they tell us about environmental exposures?” featured Dr. Mike Denison of the University of California Davis (UCD) SRP and Dr. Scott Boitano of the University of Arizona (UA) SRP. Dr. Denison’s talk, “Translation of Toxicological Mechanisms into Bioassays for Chemical Detection and Site Characterization: Dioxin-Like Chemicals and Endocrine Disruptors” described the development, validation, and screening applications of Chemically-Activated LUciferase eXpression (CALUX) cell bioassays. In Dr. Boitano’s talk, “Measuring cytotoxic and subcytoxic effects of nanoparticles and arsenic using the xCELLigence real time cell analyzer platform,” he discussed how his techniques allow a better understanding of the impacts of toxicants on airway health and disease.

The seminar was coordinated jointly by the SRP Research Translation Cores at the UA and UCD and is the latest installment in the 2014 EPA-SRP “Live at 9” Seminar Series. This long-running series was originally developed by the UA SRP in collaboration with US EPA Superfund and Technology Liaison Michael Gill. It is designed to bring together SRP researchers with US EPA Remedial Project Mangers in the Pacific Southwest (EPA Region 9). Each topic is presented as a “Live at 9” seminar at Region 9 headquarters in San Francisco, followed by an international web seminar sponsored by NIEHS and broadcast via the EPA CLU-IN website.

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