Connecting Remediation Stakeholders: 2nd EPA-University of Arizona SBRP Seminar Series Cultivates Collaboration

June 23, 2007

On June 19, 2007 the UA SBRP presented the following presentations at the US EPA Region 9 Science Council mining seminar. Over 40 Regional Project Managers (RPMs) attended:

  • “Phytostabilization of Mine Tailings in Arid and Semi-Arid Environments” by Dr. Raina Maier
  • “The UA SBRP: Matching Needs with Research Expertise” by Monica  Ramirez

Discussions emerged.  RPMs and the UA SBRP explored ways in which they will collaborate on site remediation as well as community involvement at superfund sites in Arizona.Following the “Live” at Region 9 presentations:

  • July 11th, Ms. Ramirez gave her presentation to the EPA Engineering Forum, which includes an engineer from each region, the Office of Research and Development, the Army Core of Engineers, and various state representatives.
  • July 25th, Dr. Maier conducted the web version of her seminar via Clu-In, sponsored by NIEHS.  Over 125 individuals from around the world participated. In addition, the web seminar has a live and local audience consisting of members from the Phelps-Dodge Corporation.

As a result of this web seminar, Dr. Maier’s research methodologies and results will now be part of the online Phytotechnology database that the EPA’s Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation (OSRTI) maintains.

Due to the UA SBRP Research Translation Core working directly with the Hazardous Substances Technical Liaison (HSTL), Mike Gill, the EPA-UA SBRP Seminar Series targets various individuals at the local, state, national, and international level. This information transfer activity fosters continuity and nurtures relationships and collaborations; which is essential in partnership building.The EPA-UA SBRP Seminar Series is the result of ongoing collaborative and communicative efforts between EPA Region 9 HSTL, Mike Gill and UA SBRP Research Translation Coordinator, Monica Ramirez.

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Upcoming EPA-UA SBRP Seminar:
December 2007 - “Live” at Region 9, San Francisco, CA
UA SBRP PI, Dr. Mark Brusseau, will discuss innovate site characterization tools that can be used at chlorinated solvent contaminated sites; including characterization of DNAPL distributions in TCE contaminated aquifers.