International Laboratories: UA SBRP and Binational Center PI Walt Klimecki Hosts Faculty Member Pablo Ruiz-Flores

July 2, 2007

Clinical Geneticist and genetics researcher Pablo Ruiz-Flores MD, Ph.D., from the Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila, Torreon, Mexico has recently begun a year-long sabbatical in the laboratory of Geneticist Walt Klimecki, DVM, Ph.D., University of Arizona Superfund Basic Research Program (UA SBRP) PI and member of the US-Mexico Binational Center for Environmental Sciences and Toxicology (Binational Center).

Drs. Ruiz-Flores and Klimecki met in November 2006 at the Binational Center’s fourth Professional workshop entitled: “Environmental Sciences and Toxicology: The Lagunera Region Workshop”.   They quickly realized their respective laboratories had a common goal; to understand factors that make particular individuals susceptible to toxicity resulting from environmental exposure to metals such as lead and arsenic. Dr. Ruiz-Flores will conduct a project examining the genome-wide gene expression in vascular tissue taken from arsenic-exposed individuals undergoing cardiac bypass surgery for atherosclerosis. Together, Drs. Ruiz-Flores and Klimecki will study the role of genetic background and environmental exposure, the "gene by environment" relationship in the development of heart disease.

Dr. Klimecki states, "Dr. Ruiz, his Department Chair, Dr. Rogelio Recio, and the Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila, Torreon have demonstrated the highest level of commitment to building binational collaborations in environmental health research.  The relationships built in this type of faculty sabbatical are the foundation of long-term scientific exchanges that will happen in both directions."

Please join the UA SBRP and Binational Center in welcoming Dr. Ruiz-Flores