Introducing the Navajo Gold King Mine Exposure Project Quarterly Newsletter

Dec. 21, 2016

UA SRP’s rapid response efforts following the Gold King Mine spill on August 5, 2015 near Silverton, CO, has resulted in two awards to study exposure, risk and risk perceptions from the spill. The awards are an Agnese Nelms Haury Challenge Grant and an NIEHS R21 Grant. Both of these grant help fund the “Navajo Gold King Mine Exposure Project” led by UA SRP investigator, Dr. Karletta Chief, and UA SRP collaborator, Dr. Paloma Beamer, with many academic and community partners including: Dr. Nicolette Teufel-Shone and Dr. Dean Billheimer from the UA Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health. Northern Arizona University collaborators include Dr. Jani Ingram and Dr. Manley Begay Jr. from the Department of Biochemistry and Biochemistry and the Department of Applied Indigenous Studies, respectively. Last but not least, MAE-Gilene Begay a community health representative (CHR) from the Navajo Nation.  

To keep community informed the team has now established a quarterly newsletter to share the progress of their work.

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