Janick Artiola Gives AZ Well Owners’ Workshop in Dewey-Humboldt

Dr. Janick Artiola, a University of Arizona Superfund Research Program (UA SRP) investigator and UA Cooperative Extension Water Quality Specialist, was invited to deliver a Well Owners’ Workshop on October 24, 2015. The 3-hour workshop was held in the Dewey-Humboldt, AZ Elementary School library and was open to private well owners throughout Yavapai County.

The room was filled to capacity with 43 local well owners wanting to know more about well water testing and treatment. Artiola and his colleague Gary Hix, a Registered Geologist and Past President of the AZ Well Association, presented information on Arizona water sources, regulations, domestic well maintenance, and water treatment topics. The information is largely taken from Artiola’s “Arizona Well Owner’s Guide to Water Supply” informational booklet. Artiola has presented the workshop many times to hundreds of well owners across AZ over the years.

Jeff Schalau, Director of Yavapai County UA Cooperative Extension, who had invited Artiola to deliver the workshop, said “I was very excited for us to offer the workshop in a community where the University of Arizona [SRP] has been working to mitigate non-point source pollutants originating from mine tailings and examining the potential for human health hazards arising from these tailings.” He complimented Artiola and Hix on the quality of their presentations, which were well-received by participants, and declared that such workshops are “vital to the citizens of Yavapai County and other areas of Arizona where wells are abundant.”