Kimberly Danny steps into her new position at Tohono O’odam Community College

Kimberly Danny, former University of Arizona Superfund Research Project (UA SRP) trainee, worked as a graduate Research Assistant in the Department of Environmental Science for nearly five years with Dr. Karletta Chief, Community Engagement Core Director, and Dr. Mark Brusseau, UA SRP Investigator, as her mentors. On August 1, 2019, she moved into her new position as a faculty member at the Tohono O’odam Community College.

Danny created her education module on the reclamation of surface mines in arid and semi-arid environments during her time with the UA SRP. The module, one of several developed under the UA SRP which targets tribal community college audiences, includes a written instructor guide, PowerPoint lecture, hands-on activity and assessment tools. It was the result of many years of work; Danny said it took close to a year just to narrow down her topic and decide what information to include!

Danny enjoyed the hands-on aspect of her time with the UA SRP. “I loved going out to, especially working with these students that actually worked in a mine and hearing what they said about it, trying to incorporate that worldview into my module.”

With the UA SRP, Danny learned to approach topics from a different perspective. “I think that’s why the module came to be, to also look at reclamation from an Indigenous worldview, not just Western science, and because of that, I became more aware of it myself,” Danny said.

UA SRP wants to thank Kimberly Danny for her hard work and wish her well and much success in her new job!