Mike Kopplin Retires from Hazard Identification Core

Mike Kopplin, Research Specialist in the Hazard Identification Core (HIC) for the University of Arizona Superfund Research Program (UA SRP), has retired after more than 25 years of service to the UA. While overseeing the HIC Metals Analysis Laboratory, Mike performed up to 14,000 analyses a year, for SRP and UA researchers across campus, as well as for collaborators across the nation. His diligent work has led to his being acknowledged in a number of critical environmental health publications, including recent studies on arsenic found in juice and rice. Mike was also skilled at information technology, and supported the UA SRP and Binational Center websites. He spent many long hours in the lab, and was rarely known to take a day off! With so much time on his hands now, Mike plans to go for long walks with his dog and travel the world!

Mike, we will miss you and your dedicated service, and hope you are enjoying your well-deserved retirement!

The UA SRP Hazard Identification Core has now been integrated with the Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants.