SRP Investigator Clark Lantz Guest lectures at Autonomous University of Coahuila

At the invitation of Dr. Rogelio Recio of the Autonomous University of Coahuila, Dr. Clark Lantz traveled in August 2010 to Torreón, Mexico to teach graduate students and to discuss collaborative research projects funded by the Binational Center related to arsenic toxicity.  Dr. Lantz presented four lectures to the Masters and Doctoral students at the University. Three lectures related to his work on pulmonary arsenic toxicity and one on general concepts in pulmonary toxicology.  Dr. Lantz also discussed ongoing and planned research with Dr. Recio and several of the students, including research to study the effect of arsenic exposure on arsenic cellular transport and research to examine potential links between arsenic and asthma.

The collaborations between Dr. Recio and Dr. Lantz have been ongoing for the past four years.  Dr. Recio has sent three students from the graduate program in Torreón to Dr. Lantz’s laboratory to perform arsenic related research.  These studies have examined effects of arsenic on heart development, measurement of arsenic in urine from cancer patients and analysis of biomarkers for cancer patients exposed to arsenic.

These are examples of the many activities provided by Binational Center collaborators in order to further increase human capital in Mexico.  Let’s congratulate Dr. Lantz on his efforts!