SRP Investigator Presents in Risk e-Learning Webinar Series

June 30, 2017

The Risk e-Learning webinar series “Analytical Tools and Methods” highlights innovative analytical tools and methods developed and used by a wide variety of stakeholders including NIEHS Superfund Research Program (SRP) grantees, EPA scientists, and consultants. The series is  hosted jointly by the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences and the US Environmental Protection Agency. UA SRP investigator Dr. Mark Brusseau recently participated in Session III - Fate and Transport of Contaminants: PCBs, PFAS, and other Chemicals in the Environment which attracted over 700 participants. The title of his webinar was “The Integrated Contaminant Elution and Tracer Test Toolkit ICET3: Improved Characterization of Mass Transfer, Attenuation, and Mass Removal”. Brussea discussed the extensive and persistent groundwater contaminant plumes that are widespread at sites contaminated by compounds such as chlorinated solvents, 1,4-dioxane, MTBE, and PFASs. He pointed out that improved characterization methods are needed to delineate and quantify the processes and factors that influence mass removal and contribute to plume persistence. His presentation also summarized the ICET3 test, with illustrative applications for characterizing constraints to mass removal.

The presentations of Dr. Brusseau and the other participants are archived at the EPA CLU-IN website: