Tiffany Bredfeldt Receives 2005 Karen Wetterhahn Memorial Award

Dec. 28, 2005

The Superfund Basic Research Program (SBRP) is pleased to announce, Tiffany G. Bredfeldt, a 5th year graduate student (advisor, A. Jay Gandolfi) received the Eighth Annual Karen Wetterhahn Memorial Award. Tiffany was selected for her contributions to environmental metals research and her work on the interaction of MMA(III) with human bladder cells. 

Each year the NIEHS Superfund Basic Research Program presents the Karen Wetterhahn Award to an outstanding scholar to pay tribute to the life and scientific accomplishments of Karen E. Wetterhahn, former director of the SBRP at Dartmouth College. Wetterhahn died July 8, 1997 as the result of an accidental exposure to dimethylmercury. She was an established authority on the effects of heavy metals on biological systems, as well as a dedicated teacher and mentor. The SBRP honors Wetterhahn's legacy through the annual recognition of an outstanding student who studies metals and best demonstrates the qualities of scientific excellence exhibited by Wetterhahn.

As the recipient of this award, she presented her research at the annual meeting held in New York, NY on January 12-13, 2005. In addition to attending the SBRP annual meeting, she was invited to visit the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) to present her work, learn more about NIEHS, and have the opportunity to meet with the directors of the Institute. Another aspect of the award is travel support to a national scientific meeting of her choice. Tiffany will also be highlighted in an upcoming issue of Environmental Health Perspectives in the Extramurally Speaking portion of the journal.

Tiffany is the third University of Arizona graduate student to receive the Karen Wetterhahn Memorial Award. Raina Maier's graduate student, Monica Mendez, received the award in 2003. Sheila Healy, who completed her Master's and Doctoral research at the University of Arizona under Dr. Vasken Aposhian, was presented with the first Karen Wetterhahn Memorial Award in October 1998.