Trainee Success Stories: Dr. Antonia Luna

Former Dean Carter Binational Center for Environmental Health Science fellow, Dr. Antonia Luna, has accepted a position as a Professor Investigator at the Advanced Materials Research Center (CIMAV) in Chihuahua, Mexico.  Her research focuses on the ecotoxicity of nanomaterials as well as the bioremediation of residues. As a Binational Center post-doctoral fellow, she worked with Dr. Reyes Sierra and Dr. James Field on the treatment of groundwater with metals and the health risks of nanoparticles.  In 2006, she came to the University of Arizona after receiving her Ph.D. from the Center for Investigation and Advances Studies (CINVESTAV) where she examined biosurfactants and hydrocarbons.

Dr. Luna, a native of Vera Cruz, Mexico, is happy with her professional trajectory.  She especially likes that she has increased her familiarity with laboratory techniques as well as multidisciplinary collaborations.  She also had the opportunity to increase her experience working with diverse students, in turn preparing her to mentor future investigators in Mexico.

Congratulations Dr. Luna and we wish you continued success!