UA SBRP Director A. Jay Gandolfi is Keynote Speaker for PULSE Curriculum at Local Middle School

Aug. 13, 2008

On August 13, 2008, Dr. A. Jay Gandolfi gave a presentation entitled: “Arsenic Toxicity:  It can make you sick!” to 42 middle school students at the Wildcat School located in the City of South Tucson. The middle school students at the Wildcat School are using the PULSE curriculum entitled: “Culture & Cycles: Arsenic and Human Health”, where they will concentrate on arsenic poisoning as an example of the connections among health, geography, and geology. The students will organize, develop and deliver a presentation to an assigned community that educates the community not only about why arsenic is in the water but also the actions that might be taken to reduce the arsenic in the water they consume.

Dr. Gandolfi set the scientific stage for the students by providing them with the principles and fundamentals of Toxicology. He is committed to community and educational outreach and is actively preparing our future college students and professionals.