UA SBRP Emerging Technology receives $50k to Support Further Research

Sept. 8, 2007

UA Graduate student, David Stone and UA SBRP researchers, Joan Curry and Janick Artiola have been awarded an NIEHS supplemental grant to continue testing a new iron-based composite material for the stabilization of industrial wastes, and potentially, arsenic bearing residuals.

David has discovered a way to aggregate industrial wastes such as steel powders from foundries, fly ash from power plants, organic sludge from refineries, and contaminated discharge waters (including arsenic).  This aggregate material hardens upon exposure to carbon dioxide, which is absorbed and permanently trapped within the mineral matrix.  The result is an iron carbonate composite that can have greater strength than Portland cement and can function more effectively under certain extreme conditions.  David and the University of Arizona have a provisional patent on his material and expect the final patent to be filed soon.

In March, David was awarded the 2007 University of Arizona Student Technology Innovation Award for this iron chemistry research, for more information regarding his award please visit “UA SBRP Student David Stone Receives 2007 University of Arizona Student Technology Innovation Award”.

This supplemental grant will allow for ongoing work to improve the process, investigate the material’s micro-structure and the chemistry of the curing process.

For more detailed information regarding this technology, please visit SBRP Research Brief 153 entitled: “Novel High-Strength Iron Cement Sequesters Pollutants”.

Please join the UA SBRP in congratulating David Stone