UA SBRP Investigator Eric Betterton Supports Hands On Science Experiences for Undergraduates

This summer, Dr. Eric Betterton is participating in the “The Summer Bridge Program” which brings Pima Community College (PCC) students into Physics and related laboratories at The University of Arizona. The program is funded by the National Science Foundation and provides opportunities for undergraduates to participate in forefront research activities lead by distinguished faculty members.

Currently, PCC student Suzanne Richards (right) is working on UA SBRP project titled: “New Technologies for the Remediation of Halogenated Organics”. In the laboratory, Suzanne works side by side with Dr. Betterton’s research team to monitor methods that will destroy halogenated organic contaminants without accumulation of toxic intermediates (such as vinyl chloride) or toxic byproducts (such as dioxins or furans).

The UA SBRP program is delighted to be part of the Summer Bridge Program to help open doors for PCC students to get research experience at a large research institution and "bridge" the gap between students’ classroom activity and professional research.