UA SBRP Investigator Wendell Ela Co-authors Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science Textbook

June 21, 2007

UA investigator Dr. Wendell Ela co-authored the third edition of Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science along with Gilbert Masters from Stanford University. This version has been completely updated, modestly expanded, and significantly strengthened—especially in the area of water quality engineering. The revisions have been made with a particular eye to providing students with the necessary tools and understanding to pass the chemistry, water treatment, air pollution, and solid waste components of the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, while at the same time maintaining the material’s accessibility to non-engineering and hard science students. This blend of technical rigor and broad accessibility has been a goal of the previous editions and it continues to be an explicit objective of this third edition.

For most topics covered in this book, pertinent environmental legislation is described, simple engineering models are generated, and qualitative as well as quantitative descriptions of treatment technologies are presented. The book has been designed to encourage self-teaching by providing numerous completely worked examples throughout. Virtually every topic that lends itself to quantitative analysis is illustrated with such examples. Each chapter ends with a relatively long list of problems, including many new ones for this edition, which provide added practice for the student and should facilitate the preparation of homework assignments by the instructor.

The chapters in Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science are:

  • Mass and Energy Transfer
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Mathematics of Growth
  • Risk Assessment
  • Water Pollution
  • Water Quality Control
  • Air Pollution
  • Global Atmospheric Change
  • Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery

The following institutions are currently utilizing this textbook in their classes:

The University of ArizonaStanford University
Arizona State UniversityUniversity of California, Irvine
John Hopkins UniversityColorado School of Mines
University of KentuckyOklahoma State University
U.S. Naval AcademyNotre Dame University
Northeastern University 

Masters, Gilbert M., Ela, Wendell P. Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science. Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 2007.

  • Description taken from Preface of Introduction to Environmental Engineering and Science.