UA SRP “Walks Across Arizona!”

This spring, the University of Arizona Superfund Research Program (UA SRP) participated in the 2012 “Walk Across Arizona” challenge. The goal of the 8-week program is to walk the 410 miles it takes to cross the state of Arizona as a team. It is not a fundraiser, just a great excuse to get moving, and get healthy together!

As always, the UA SRP formed an interdisciplinary and collaborative team (the “Superfun(d) Striders”) consisting of: our three past and present Directors Jay Gandolfi, Raina Maier, and Todd Camenisch; Investigator Bernie Futscher; and Core coordinators Rocio Estrella (Administration), Mike Kopplin (Hazard Identification), Denise Moreno Ramirez (Community Engagement), and Sarah Wilkinson (Research Translation). Team members racked up the miles by walking, running, cycling, horseback riding, dog walking, taking Zumba classes, and being active in many more ways!

As a group, we recorded more than 1700 miles in 8 weeks, enough to walk across Arizona more than four times! We ranked 12th out of 20 teams formed at the UA. We are looking forward to forming a team again in 2013, and moving up in the ranks!

Click here for more information about Walk Across Arizona!