UA SRP Investigator Receives Funding to Continue Well Water Workshops

A three-year Service Agreement between Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) and University of Arizona Superfund Research Program (UA SRP) Translation Core investigator, Dr. Janick Artiola, will provide continued funding to support the delivery of well water workshops to Arizona counties. Artiola, who has an appointment in UA Cooperative Extension, began the Well Owner’s program in 2009 and in the past few years he has also assisted ADHS in the implementation of a CDC funded arsenic biomonitoring program for private well owners entitled “Public Health Program to Reduce Drinking Water Exposures from Small Drinking Water Systems”. The well owners who participate in this program receive well water and urine testing free of charge.

Funding from ADHS will also support a full update and revision of the Arizona Well Owners Guide booklet (, which is near completion and will be published in late 2017. Other tasks include the compilation of a database of all private well water quality in Arizona, and the design and production of an Arizona groundwater quality map for private well owners. This map will be made available at the newly revised ADHS private well owners website. This interactive map will allow private well owners to access groundwater quality data from local private well owners collected through the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s 20-year Ambient Groundwater Monitoring Program.    

The UA SRP would like congratulate Dr. Artiola on this award as well as recognize his long-term efforts with private well owners across Arizona that have helped reduce exposures to toxicants like arsenic!