UA SRP Investigators Contribute to Arizona Emerging Contaminants Report

UA SRP investigators Dr. Leif Abrell and Dr. Mark Brusseau were part of the Advisory Panel on Emerging Contaminants (APEC) who put together a report on the state of emerging contaminants in Arizona. The members of this panel include researchers from Arizona’s major universities and experts from water utilities, regulatory agencies, public health agencies, water quality laboratories, environmental consultants, legal experts, and the general public. One of the goals of the group was to help prioritize and plan for future emerging contaminant issues that may impact Arizona’s water supply. The Panel worked to sort through the extensive amount of information on the topic in order to utilize the best available science. In the end, APEC provided recommendations to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality that included:
  Establish a permanent APEC committee, facilitate the creation of regional APEC teams/working groups, and collaborate with research entities.
  Partner to enhance proper disposal of medications. 
  Sponsor a statewide laboratory consortium pooling resources to develop monitoring programs.
•   Conduct workshops, training, and seminars for water utilities and the public.

If you would like to read in detail the recommendation or the report, use the following link: