UCSD Kicks Off the West Coast EPA-SRP Seminar Series

Aug. 20, 2009

On July 22, 2009 the University of California – San Diego (UCSD) Environmental Scientist, Hiram Sarabia presented a seminar entitled: “Collaborative Research on Environmental Toxicants in Rapidly Developing Settlements of the U.S.-Mexico Border”.  Fourteen US EPA Remedial Project Managers participated in the “Live at Region 9” seminar at the US EPA Region 9 headquarters in San Francisco.

On September 16th, Mr. Sarabia conducted the web version of his seminar via the US EPA Technology Innovation Program’s Clu-In website, sponsored by NIEHS and the US EPA.

The EPA-SRP Seminar Series is the result of ongoing collaborative efforts between EPA Region 9 Superfund and Technology Liaison, Mike Gill, and UA SRP Research Translation Coordinator, Monica Ramirez.

After discussing and delineating the scientific needs of the Regional Project Managers and the research strengths of the UA SRP, Mike Gill and Monica Ramirez designed a first-of-its-kind information transfer series.

Due to its great success, Ramirez and Gill have opened the Seminar Series to all the SRPs in Region 9. We are delighted that Mr. Sarabia from UCSD kicked off the series for the west coast.