Mining Industry

Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining (CESM) 

CESM develops research and educational initiatives that address environmental sustainability issues associated with mining and rock products operations in arid and semi-arid environments.  To learn more about CESM and the association with Superfund please go directly to


CESM is guided by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of industry and consulting professionals who identify critical issues associated with the environmental, social, and economic impacts of mine development, operation and closure on neighboring communities and ecosystems.  The CESM model emphasizes research collaboration with industry partners through industry-academic cooperatives.


  • Support research that provides more effective and efficient tools for ecosystem regeneration and waste stabilization following mine closure
  • Provide quantitative tools to make reclamation a data-driven science
  • Develop tools for in situ monitoring of ground water and emissions from active mine operations
  • Facilitate neutral tech transfer to state and national policy makers and regulators
  • Promote science communication and participatory science in communities impacted by mining operations
  • Provide critical training for undergraduate and graduate students as future members of a well-trained workforce, key to sustainable mineral resource development