Increasing Water Access in Remote Areas of the Navajo Nation with Community-led Water Purification Units

Feb. 1, 2024

University of Arizona Superfund Research Center (UA SRC) Community Engagement Core personnel are working with the Navajo Nation to provide an immediate alternative to hauling water to areas that have contaminated groundwater.

“Community-led water purification units to increase water access in remote areas of the Navajo Nation,” a 9-minute video created describing the issue, the team, and the solution proposed, highlights this co-created project that bridges science and community priorities to address how to get clean water now for households across the Navajo Nation. For those living off grid, the nano filtration system has the potential to remove contaminants, such as uranium and arsenic, from groundwater and is an alternative to water hauling. CEC Director Dr. Karletta Chief and UA SRC Trainee Nikki Tulley are both featured in the video for their work on the project.

For the sustainability of the project, the team is using this pilot project to train and build the expertise among the local workforce to provide clean water. This means workers must understand the contaminants present and how the nano filtration system works.

There are currently four nano filtration systems that are being piloted on Navajo Nation with the goal of having knowledge that can be taken to all communities in the Nation to address food, energy, and water security.


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