Nikki Rae Tulley

Graduate Student, PhD


Dr. Karletta Chief


Environmental Science

About Nikki Tulley:

Nikki Tulley is a member of the Navajo Nation. She is a second year Ph.D. student in the Department of Environmental Science with a concentration in Hydroscience at the University of Arizona. Her research focuses on ensuring that people living in Indigenous communities have access to clean drinking water to sustain their way of life in an ever-changing environment through sustainable practices, and water policies and management. She is an Alfred P. Sloan 2018-2019 Scholar, American Indian Graduate Center Fellow, and an American Indian Science and Engineering Society Sequoyah Fellow. Nikki received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a Master of Science in Water Resources from the University of New Mexico. She holds a deep passion for mentoring students living in underserved underrepresented American Indian and rural communities through STEM education. Nikki continuously works to support the enhancement of STEM understanding amongst American Indian communities and students.

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