Tania B Rodriguez


Eduardo Saez, PhD


Chemical and Environmental Engineering


Indoor and Outdoor Size Fractionated Chemical Characterization of Aerosols in Hayden Arizona: Activities associated with mining operations, including smelting processes and tailings impoundments, in Hayden-Winkelman, Arizona have been identified as sources of airborne metal and metalloid contaminants. Previous work in Hayden-Winkelman has revealed high levels of airborne lead and arsenic at Hayden High School. Hayden High School in Winklenman, Arizona, located at two kilometers east of a mine tailings impoundments and one kilometer South East of the ASARCO smelter, will be used as the main sampling site in this study. Health risks from lead exposure are more severe for children. Lead and arsenic exposure have been linked to some types of cancer. Lead is an irreversible neurotoxin that has been shown to lower IQ in children. The size fractionated chemical characterization of aerosols and lead isotope concentration ratios at Hayden High School will be determined. Measurements of the aerosols will be taken both inside and outside of school. The aerosols will be characterized with an eleven stage (0.054-18 μm) micro-orifice uniform deposit impactor (MOUDI) and a Total Suspend Particulate (TSP) collector. Results from measurements taken indoors will be compared to those taken outdoors to assess the relative exposure risk from airborne lead and arsenic. Source apportionment of lead-containing aerosols will be carried out by comparing the ratio of lead isotopes within aerosol samples to lead isotope ratios in natural soil. 

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