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Well Water Videos

Produced by UA Cooperative Extension with support from the UA SRC, these well water videos cover topics of interest to well owners in Arizona.

  • Well Water Testing: Arizona private well owners are responsible for their well water quality. This video shows where to collect water samples and describes the sample collection process in detail for the analysis of contaminants to ensure unbiased results.
  • Arizona Aquifers: About 5% of Arizona’s population depends on private wells for fresh water and more than 40% of our annual water use comes from Arizona’s aquifers. Following a brief introduction to regulations, requirements and equipment used for drilling a private well in Arizona, this video presents the geologic origins of Arizona’s aquifer materials with illustrations and pictures of AZ aquifers. Finally, aquifers are ranked by their ability to store and produce water.
  • Well Drilling and Pump Replacement: After an introduction to the regulatory requirements and forms needed to drill or deepen a private well in AZ, this video provides detailed descriptions of the well drilling process with close up views of a drill rig, well casing placement, and pump removal and replacement steps.
  • Well Components: Private well owners should also be familiar with above-ground well components for maintenance and emergency purposes. This video describes well components such as bladder tanks and pressure controls, their common locations and how to inspect them.

Water in the Native World Webinar Series

This webinar series features authors form "Water in the Native World", a JCWRE special edition issue that was edited by Dr. Karletta Chief.  This webinar series reached 428 people in total via zoom meetings. In average there were 71 attendees per meeting. The recordings of the entire series were also uploaded to the the YouTube UA SRC Chanel shortly after each webinar.   

"Thesis Thursdays" Podcasts

Dr. Mónica Ramírez-Andreotta, UA SRC Research Translation Core Principal Investigator, is now a co-host of Thesis Thursday at local radio station KCXI. Thesis Thursday is a weekly segment on KXCI at 91.3 FM (4:55 am, 11:55 am, 2:55 pm) that features research of students and investigators. These have been aired: 

UA SRC Trainee Videos