Arsenic: Summary and Learning Objectives

Module Summary

Arsenic exists in the environment naturally. It can be found in some areas in the geological features (rock formations) in high concentrations. This is particularly true of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. In this module, promotores will learn about arsenic, how it interacts in the environment, and the effects it has on human health.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain knowledge about arsenic and its properties.
  • Determine the chemical forms of arsenic.
  • Acquire information on the many uses of arsenic.
  • Define the different human exposure routes.
  • Learn the basics of arsenic toxicology.
  • Understand methods to decrease exposure to arsenic.

Statement by the Authors

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(Suggested citation: Moreno Ramirez, D. & Gandolfi, A. J. (2013). Promotor Transferable Training Module on Arsenic.)